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Re: Eastern infl. & Sel. hegemony

In a message dated 96-04-17 03:34:45 EDT, LECHEM777@delphi.com writes:

>We should also take into account that the Seleucides desired a speady
>Hellenization to unite its peoples, so as to readily counter Ptolemic
>invasions. This was a catalyst also for the Macc. Revolt, a rebellion
>against the Hellenists. This may also be the source of the "Kittim". As the
>Ptolemics had Cyprus and perhaps launched naval attacks against Palestine
>from there. 
>Does anyone know a good source for the classic struggles and battles for
>Palestine between these two powers? 
>Lechem ben HaAri

E. R. Bevan, The House of Seleucus (2 volumes:  London, 1902) is a good
starting place, though dated.  The key advantage to this standard work is
that its footnotes lead you to all the primary sources (Pliny, etc.)

Russell Gmirkin