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Re: Daniel's dating

 Sigrid Peterson <petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu> wrote:
> According to Peter Flint, replying to a query from Cleon Rogers:
> > 
> [...]
> >   A total of eight Daniel manuscripts were discovered at Qumran.  
> None of
> > these is complete, but between them they preserve a substantial amount of
> > the Book of Daniel.  Two manuscripts were found in Cave 1, five in Cave 4,
> > and one (written on papyrus) in Cave 6.
> >   Seven of these manuscripts seem to have contained the entire book of
> > Daniel in a form very much like that preserved in the received Masoretic
> > Text, although readings for individual words may differ on occasion.
> his is interesting, since according to private e-mail from Fred Cryer, 
> Daniel 11 and 12 are not extant at Qumran. Can you or someone else 
> explicitly disconfirm this, as Fred may have been writing from 
> impressions or knowledge based on earlier information about published 
> material at Qumran, and would not have realized that such information is 
> important to my research.

The following are passages I have collected for my book "A Catalog of 
Biblical Passages in the Dead Sea Scrolls" (so far unpublished) from 
Daniel 11 and 12:

Dan 10:21-11:2    4QDan(c)
Dan 11:13-16       4QDan(a)
Dan 11:13-17       4QDan(c)
Dan 11:25-29       4QDan(c)
Dan 11:32            4QFlor  (questionable)
Dan 11:33-36,38  6QDan
Dan 12:10            4QFlor (also questionable, but pesher intro 
                                           attributes to Daniel the Prophet)

4QDan(a) is published by Ulrich in BASOR 268:17-27, 4QDan(c) also by 
Ulrich in BASOR 274:3-26.  6QDan is in DJD 3:115 and 4QFlor is DJD 

Note that my compilation is only current through DJD 9, so there may 
be more Daniel material in the newer Cave 4 volumes that I haven't 
gotten to yet.

Hope this helps,
"I've gone to find myself.  If I get back 
before I get back, please keep me here."