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Re: Daniel MSS

Sigrid Peterson wrote:

> According to Peter Flint, replying to a query from Cleon Rogers:
> >   Seven of these manuscripts seem to have contained the entire book of
> > Daniel in a form very much like that preserved in the received Masoretic
> > Text, although readings for individual words may differ on occasion.
> his is interesting, since according to private e-mail from Fred Cryer, 
> Daniel 11 and 12 are not extant at Qumran. Can you or someone else 
> explicitly disconfirm this, as Fred may have been writing from 
> impressions or knowledge based on earlier information about published 
> material at Qumran, and would not have realized that such information is 
> important to my research.

Harold Scanlin, in _The Dead Sea Scrolls and Modern Translations of 
the Old Testament_ (Wheaton: Tyndale House, 1993), lists the 
following portions of Daniel 11 extant in Qumran mss:

11:1-2, 13-17, 25-29  in 4QDan-c
11:13-16 in 4QDan-a
11:33-36, 38 in 6QpapDan

He also lists portions extant from chapters 1 through 8 and 10.  
Since his index was based on publications available at the time he 
wrote the book, he does not report the contents of 4QDan-d or 
4QDan-e.  He does report for 1QDan-a, 4QDan-a,b,c, and 6QpapDan.

All the best,
Richard Weis

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