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Re: Daniel's dating

According to Peter Flint, replying to a query from Cleon Rogers:
>   A total of eight Daniel manuscripts were discovered at Qumran.  
None of
> these is complete, but between them they preserve a substantial amount of
> the Book of Daniel.  Two manuscripts were found in Cave 1, five in Cave 4,
> and one (written on papyrus) in Cave 6.
>   Seven of these manuscripts seem to have contained the entire book of
> Daniel in a form very much like that preserved in the received Masoretic
> Text, although readings for individual words may differ on occasion.

his is interesting, since according to private e-mail from Fred Cryer, 
Daniel 11 and 12 are not extant at Qumran. Can you or someone else 
explicitly disconfirm this, as Fred may have been writing from 
impressions or knowledge based on earlier information about published 
material at Qumran, and would not have realized that such information is 
important to my research.

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