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Re: Daniel and tradition

     Certainly the Apocalyptic tradition was influenced by Caanite myths,
such as names, genre, and theme. But as the Caanites developed into
monotheists, Hebrews, they adapted their beliefs to suit their new
monotheistic faith.I have seen Ugaritic myths in as recent as the Book of
Revelations. Again I can bore anyone who wishes with a paper on this issue. 
     But it is enough to say that the folk beliefs of the Caanite/Hebrews
were mantained. Once the Caanites became monotheistic, they still
perpetuated thier philosophy(s) of existance through apocalyptic myths, a
perpetuation of Caanite myths.  Historical figures would replace mythical
heroes. Those that would meet up to the ideals of the people as Daniel(s).   

Lechem ben HaAri

AKA: Brad Harrison
Phila. Pa
BA MA Gratz College