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Re: Daniel's dating

Dear all,
There are numerous descriptions of so-called incubation dreams (see 
sepecially A Leo Oppenheim, Dreams and Dream interpretation in the ANE).  
I am not expert in all of them, but I don't seem to recall cases in which 
the dreamer is said to remove his clothes.   This detail in the Ugaritic 
myth cold be the key to its interpretation.
VIctor Avigdor Hurowitz

On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, James R. Davila wrote:

> Dave,
> you've left out what I consider to be the most telling argument.  The
> predictions in chs. 7 and 10-12 are amazingly accurate up to the point of
> the Maccabean revolt, then suddenly go wildly wrong.  Dispensationalists
> are forced to posit a stopping of the clock around 11:40, with vv. 40-45 to
> be fulfilled at the eschaton.  No fair!
> Also, the interpretation of the 4th beast in ch. 7 as Rome doesn't work,
> since it culminates in a little horn (7:8), surely the same little horn as
> in 8:9, which comes from Alexander's kingdom, i.e., the Greek empire
> (8:22-23), and is clearly Antiochus Epiphanes.  Again, dispensationalists
> have to bend over backwards to stop the clock until the eschaton, which is
> cheating.
> Also, re Danel's alleged adultery.  The passage you cite has everything in
> it *except* those temple prostitutes.  All the text says is that he
> undressed and went to sleep (evidently as part of an incubation ritual to
> get the attention of the gods.)  Moreover, the whole point of the
> incubation seems to be that Danel is impotent and El has to "revive"
> Danel's life force so he can impregnate his wife.
> Might I suggest that unless these lines of discussion find some more direct
> connection with the DSS, they be moved to Ioudaios or ANE?
> Jim Davila
> University of St. Andrews
> Scotland
> jrd4@st-andrews.ac.uk