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Re: question

Dear all,
When discussing the perambulations of Danil>?Daniyyel we should remember 
that characters can change their character over the course of time, and 
certainly when going from one tradition and cultuer ot another.  I recall 
Ahiqar is an apkallu in the Mesopotamian tradition.  In the proverbs of 
Ahiqar he is a sage, but a human one, whereas the Mesopotamian text views 
apkallu as quasi-muthological. Although i would have difficulty linking 
the DAN(I)EL of Ezekiel with Daniyyel of the book of that name, I would 
have no trouble connecting the Ezekielian figure with the Canaanite one.  
It would not be the only case of Ezekiel knowing non-Israelite myths and 
Victor hurowitz
Ben Gurion University

On Wed, 17 Apr 1996, GLENN WOODEN wrote:

> Dave Fouts,
> > Even if not, how could the 
> > Hebrew mind associate the two Dan'els, one a worshipper of Baal and 
> > the other a worshipper of YHWH, with one another.  Dan'el of Ugarit 
> > would never be considered "just" or "righteous".
> Noth was aware of this problem and proposed that the Aqhat tale was 
> taken into the Hebrew tradition at an early stage and sanitized.  
> But, is this is the case, it is very difficult to know what shape 
> that tradition was in when it was used by an Ezekiel or Daniel 
> redactor over a millenium later.
> As we know the tale, Danel was both just and righteous.  He judged 
> the widows and orphans in the gate, which in the ANE meant that he 
> did it justly. He was very concerned to make the right offerengs etc. 
> to the gods.
> Glenn Wooden
> Acadia Divinity College
> Wolfville N.S.
> Canada
> wooden@acadiau.ca