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Re: question

The Genesis passage mentioned here has been the subject of Gary 
Rendsburg's latest article in the most recent VT.  He proposes to 
interpret 'to defecate".  There is complete bibliography on the word in 
his article and previous studies.
Victor Hurowitz

On Wed, 17 Apr 1996 PWEGNER@BROWNVM.brown.edu wrote:

> >>2.  The word is YSWChCh (Ch for Chay rather than Hay).  Puech and others
> translate this as "meditate."  I have not been able to locate a root
> with this meaning nor to decipher a pointing.  Any assistance is appreciated.<
> (I assume by "Chay" you mean  the letter Xet rather than Khaf -- not clear!)
> Maybe Puech had in mind Gen. 24:63, where the related root s-w-X means to
> meditate: wa-yetze Yitzhaq lasuaX ba-sadeh lifnot 'arev.  (The 'ayin-yod
> form s-y-X is more common; but either of these could be cognate with a
> root s-X-X.  There is also a root sh-X-X, which appears in Ps. 42:6 in the
> meaning of "being downcast/crestfallen."  Is that an option in the context
> of your DSS text?
> Judith Romney Wegner