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I hope that I am not contributing to repetition in that this text may
have been discussed before.  I would be grateful for informed
opinion as to whether my translation from Eisenman and Wise is
contradicted by other versions.  Mine reads:

(1) [th]at he ate, he and his son[s... (2) [and] her [hu]sband [slept]
the eternal sleep... (3) upon him, and they found hi[m... (4) his
sons and the sons of h[is] brother... (5) they dwelt temporarily
(?)... (6) he departed to his Eternal home... (8) ten.  And with
Miriam he became the father of Ab[(?;name incomplete and
uncertain)... (9) and Sitri.  Then Hur took as wife... (10) And
with her he became the father of Ur and Aar[on... (11) with her
four (forty?) sons...

Is there evidence elsewhere in the literature of an "Eternal home?"

Thank you,

Ben Lyon
Monterey, California