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Re: Semitic hints in the Quechua language.

>I know the subject I present to you does not match with the DDS discussion,
>but it is interesting to note what these findings will unfold to you, who
>are translators and dealers of ancient records, it may give meaning to
>many ancient Hebrew words, or even ancient roots of the Semitic family
>language, that now a days are lost, but are kept in places where these
>languages are still spoken.

You are right, it doesn't match the topic of the list at all.  Please
respect the rules of the list and don't post this sort of thing.

Also, I strongly suggest you take a serious course in comparative Semitics
and the historical grammar of Hebrew before you waste any more time on this
project.  You would need to compare reconstructed proto-Semitic or
Afro-Asiatic to whater they call proto-Mayan.  Comparing late languages
like Hebrew and Coptic will get you nowhere.

Jim Davila
University of St. Andrews