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Re: question

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> [use of the term] Palestinian to refer to the pre-Israelite 
> residents of the Land of Israel...is unscholarly

> > unscholarly and anti-semitic

> >   > "Palestinians" as a pre-israelite ethnic designation
> >   > is an invention...

This is silly.  It's certainly in the grand western tradition of scholarship
to use Roman geographical terms.  And it's hardly unprecedented to see
the meanings of these terms extended in various ways (e.g., "Asia").  There
might well be good reasons for getting rid of terms like "Palestine" (cf.,
e.g., "Gaul").  But this is something for impartial minds to settle.  It is
not something we should leave to people who can't separate their work from
their politics and religious ideology.


   -Richard L. Goerwitz          ***  ***         r-goerwitz@uchicago.edu