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Re: question

 Am I mistaken or is
>Herodotus' usage of Suria ey Palaistiney a rather weak basis for regarding
>Palestine the name of Israel?

>Yirmiyahu Ben-David, Pakiyd 16
>K'hiylat Ha-N'tzarim
>(World-wide Congregation of Nazarene Jews)
I think the point is being missed. Palestine and Israel do not refer to the
same area. As I said before, Israel is the name of a state only since 1948
(unless you go back to 722 BCE). Palestine is the long-estabpished name of
te territory. Equally, of course, Palestine is not a state either. Now,
there IS a state of Israel and citizens of it can call themselves
Israelis.But this Israel is not Palestine; it occupies part of palestine.
        After all, if Israel = Palestine. then Israelis are Palestinians
and Palestinians are Israelis. Neiter side seems to want that, though.
 Sorry to be political on what is an academic list, but I did not start
this. I think that the argument over 'Israel' vs 'Palestine' as a name is
political, and nothing else. Perhaps we can all recognize that and drop the

Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield