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Re: Tobit from Cave 4, a question

In a message dated 96-04-11 21:30:29 EDT, you write:

>I know that 4 Aramaic fragments of Tobit (the long form) were found in Cave 
>4, as well as on fragment of Hebrew.  does anyone know the length of the 
>fragments, and what they contained?  Also, what is the age of the fragments?

Tobit was found in 5 fragments at 4Q.
(PapTob a-e)

All of these are in Hebrew (or Aramaic, I didn't look closely).
4Q196 has several pieces, 14 lines
4Q197 has 16 lines and some fragments
4Q198 has fragments
4Q199 has fragments
4Q200 has 16 lines an fragments
(the line counts are approximate)

Reed's Catalogue lists publishers

Hope this is helpful

Jim West