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Re: question

>>Are these mutually exclusive alternatives?  In the paper I mentioned I
also raised the possibility that the place of the priests vis a vis the
Hellenistic world could also be a factor in the priestly origin of
apocalypticism.  Here Daniel is of some interest since the initial cycle
of stories seems to be pre-Maccabean and to deal with the situation of
Jewish civil servants in the service of an alien king. <

But what connection is there between the first half of Daniel (in which in
any case the protagonists are described not as priests -- let alone prophets --
but as sages) and the second half (other than that some misguided later editor
ran them together, thus inserting anachronistic concepts into the HB/OT)?

Also, why would one expect priests (ancient variety, not modern Catholic type)
to be purveyors or even supporters of apocalypticism?  The bread-and-butter
of the Israelite priests depended on the continuance of the status quo in
eternal cycles of sacrifice-demanding rituals, preferably for ever, but at any
rate until further notice.  I can't see priests sending out that notice -- i.e.
warning people that the end is nigher than they think....