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Re: question about Essenes calender.

>Yiga'el Yadin (a Nifal!).

(I put the 'aleph in to indicate the form, in English he
wrote it Yigael!).

Michael Stone.

You are correct.  He is nif'al,  in contrast to Yig'al Allon, whose name is
in the qal form.

I was focusing on the wrongly transliterated first vowel and the intrusion of
a non-existent resh into the surname when I made this silly slip.  Still, I
definitely feel *hoist with my own "pedant"* , and it serves me right!
Apologies for bumsteering anyone on the list who didn't catch the error.
Mindful of the new guidelines, I reply on list only because I didn't want to
appear to be ignoring the correction and because, after all, Yigael  Yadin is
an eminently DSS-related topic, so it's important to clarify any confusion aout
how he spelled or pronounced his name!  But I plan to follow the guidelines to
the best of my ability in future.

Judith Romney Wegner, Providence