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Re: question

Dear Eric,
Take note that Yasser Arafat did in fact refer to Jesus as a 
palestinian!  Why should I follow his guidance in chosing language?

There have been many requests to keep politics out of the Orion list.  I 
fully agree, and since I seem to have been the flash point of this 
current debate (actually I was making a sideline comment on the more 
scholarly debate about who the first person was to refer to the Land of 
Israel as Palestine) I will add my voice to the requests to now quiet the 
debate and return to our ivory towers and Dead sea fortifications, caves, 
monestaries, or however we want to describe the scriptoria, libraries and 
genizot at the heart of Orion!
AVigdor Hurowitz
Dept. of Bible and ANE
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Beer Sheva, ISRAEL

On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, E. Forster wrote:

> Thomas L. Thompson wrote:
>  > I much prefer the term "South Levant" myself. 
> Of course the Levant was the preferred usage in early 20th 
> century France and Germany, while the British referred to 
> the Near East as the 'Orient.'  But should we call the 
> people indigenous to the area 'Orientals' or Levantine? Of 
> course not. And I suspect that the most famous Jew of 1st 
> century Palestine, Jesus, did not consider himself 
> 'Palestinian', either.
> Eric Forster