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Re: To signoff, or not to signoff, this is the question

I hate to keep echoing a sentiment a number of people have written about, 
but could the discussion on topics not related to the DSS please move 
elsewhere?  20 messages in a weekend about personalities and technical 
terms that do not apply to the topic at hand is really a bit much.

Can't the listserv owner close unrelated discussions?


anna blount classics and religious studies university of south florida 

On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Gideon Bohak wrote:

> Why can't ORION be like PAPY--a simple, useful tool for acquiring or 
> disseminating information in an important, and ever-changing, academic 
> field? 
> Politics, self-promotion, protest, and email-therapy are important
> enough to deserve their own list(s). 
> Yours, but for how long?
> Gideon Bohak
> UMich