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Re: Jesus Family Tombs?? (fwd)

Thanks to Victor and to Chuck Jones who wrote explaining that I had confused
2 different "Jesus" ossuaries: the first discovered in 1926 and the 2nd
(newsmaker) discovered in 1980. 

However,  one interesting point does emerge:   If the earlier ossuary had
been known, why the big fuss over the later one?  Is it indeed because of the
other ossuaries found with it?

Ed Cook
Aramaic Lexicon

Victory Hurowitz wrote:
Dear Ed,
Rahmani's corpus of Jewish Ossuaries, I think more recent than Fitzmeyer, 
lists to ossuraies with the debated inscription.  The one discovered by 
Sukenik is very legible and is not the one from East Talpiot.  The one 
from East Talpiot is the one underdiscussion for it is that one which was 
in the same cave as the other names. rAhmani also provides a convenient 
name index so that one can easily check the name distribution.  It is 
very impressive to see at a glance how common the names actually were.
Victor Avigdor Hurowitz
Dept. of Bible and ANE
Ben Gurion University
Beer Sheva, ISRAEL