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Re: "Love" in the DSS

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>Some additional evidence in support of H. Manhoff's observations. It may 
>observed that in Targum Neofiti ( and other targums as well perhaps) the
>biblical expressions concerning "love for God" are usually translated 
>"you shall love the Torah of God" etc.
This is perhaps interesting. Possibly the targumic traditions, certainly
influenced by the rabbis, wish to oppose any suggestion of a mystical
relationship between the individual Jew and his god? I am not even sure,
however, that the 'love of god' plays a role in Jewish mysticism to the
extent that it does in Christian mysticism. Perhaps we have some experts
out there?

Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield
Sheffield S10 2UJ
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This concerns the original statement rather than Mr. Davies question.

I think the discussion would be more logically valid if we eliminated the 
non sequitur phrase: "not to God."

Failing that, I'd appreciate a logical defense demonstrating that this 
phrase isn't non sequitur.

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