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Re: 4Q525

In a message dated 96-04-10 13:30:06 EDT, you write:

>I am a graduate student currently taking a course on the DSS.  I am 
>preparing a translation of 4Q525.  I know that Puech has published two
>articles on it and it is contained in Eisenman's and Wise's book.  Does 
>anyone else know of any other bibliographic references that may be of 
>assistance to me?  Your help is appreciated.
>Chris Fuller
>Graduate Theological Union
>Berkeley, CA


You need to look at the excellent translation of the scrolls done by F.-G.
Martinez; "The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated".    In the back of the book there
is a list of the mss. and a bibliography for each one. ( 4Q 525 is on p. 505
in the Brill edition).

Jim West