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Re: question

To Michael Stone and others,

If you accept my suggestion that Joseph and Aseneth is a second century 
BCE Oniad document, and if you accept R. Beckwith's suggestion (in JSJ 
15 (1984)) of a (modified) solar calendar in JA, you would have another 
example  of the solar calendar being used by 2nd cent BCE Jewish priests.

Gideon Bohak

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996 STONE@vms.huji.AC.IL wrote:

> in the third century or early second century, there were people
> who held a 364 days' calendar, dualism of light and dark, two
> spirits etc. The particular range of sectarian language of the
> undisputedly Qumran documents is missing. These documents are
> all three in Aramaic.
> I would appreciate any other evidence net members may have
> about this pre-Qumran sectarianism.
> Now, having posed my question may I make a personal request,
> not connected with being Director of the Orion Center. I
> have found a couple of the last lines of discussion to be
> too speculative and unbased. They are also repetitive and, I
> think, do not take us anywhere. I have finished an endless
> discussion about shelves none the wiser, even about the
> questions posed. I have heard the arguments about whether
> Qumran was a fort or not, whether the caves are related or
> not, whether they boated on the Dead Sea or not, what the
> water level was, etc. and, frankly, at this point I just
> wipe the messages out. The questions often seem to be
> well raised, but often could be answered by consulting a
> reference book. So, I do not really know what I want to
> say here. Anyone can write anything they want on the net
> which is not offensive to other presons or groups, but please
> be kind to others and, once a string seems to have become
> repetitive, let it go and move on to something else.
> Seasons greetings for Pesach (Jewish and Samaritan) and all
> the various Easters (good for whoever mentioned the
> Armenians!).
> Michael Stone