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Re: 4Q521


Obviously "make the dead live" is a more literal and perhaps better
translation.  I think Michael Wise tends to opt for what might be called a
dynamic equivalence style of translating, which has its merits in terms of
standard English usage...just as "raise the dead" might be more literally,
"stand up the dead," but the former sounds better.  As to the further
matters, of "but what kind of a body do they come," I think we remain in
total ignorance when it comes to the Qumran community--they surely had their
views, we just need more texts!  There are passages that hint of something
like the "glorified" heavenly life, such as that reflected in Dan 12:1-3, but
even that is not necessarily "without a body," as Paul himself pointed out in
a similar discussion of the matter.

James Tabor

>What I am curious about is what the precedence may be for translating part
>line 12, "we mothim yihyeh" with "resurrect the dead" (as Tabor and Wise
>in their excellent article "4Q521 on Resurrection").