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Re: "Love" in the DSS

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A sect, in opposition to the leading theological ideas of the day, leaves 
its Jerusalem headquarters and makes its way to a secluded desert place to
establish a community in which its own theological ideas can be developed 
and adhered to.

Where is it resolved that this group was developing new ideas to practice?  
In light of the schism over Hellenism (and other schisms) this was more 
likely a group that retained earlier values of Judaism -- i.e., Khasiydim -- 
and simply wound up in the cold at the hands of a rival sect who came to 
political power, an event which is well documented.  This seems to be what 
happened sometime during the Hellenist- Roman- Nouveau- Tz'dokim wresting of 
control of the priesthood, leaving the geneaologically-authentic, Khasiydim- 
Tz'dokim out in the desert complaining about "Wicked Priests."  Both being 
priests, basically Tz'dokim in orientation, would also explain why they 
agreed on these particular points, in contrast with the P'rushim.

No evidence or logical reason has been advanced to pry the Dead Sea Sect 
away from Judaism, so what drives the interminable repeated attempts to 
avoid the existing evidence?  Religious predisposition?

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