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Re: "Love" in the DSS

This posting is central to the proper methodology for understanding the DSS.

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what you think the "theology of Leviticus" and Jeremiah 
might be, and what the differences might be.

There can be no doubt that the author of Leviticus is concerned with
sacrificial practice (primarily) while Jeremiah can be fairly said to be
opposed to priestly religion.These are necessarily broad statements- as
they are out of context here....

Yirmiyahu was strongly critical of the policies of the kohanim.  But it is 
not resolved that he "can be fairly said to be opposed to priestly 

but nevertheless they point to the fact that even within the Bible there are 

conflicting theologies;

Not conflicting theologies.  Perhaps schools of thought?  Branches?

which is why each dead sea scroll must be evaluated for its own theological 
message instead of having other theologies superimposed on them.

The latitude provided through overstating "opposed to priestly 
religion," and the use of the overly broad term theology, implies a 
looseness for evaluating the DSS apart from other sects of Judaism not 
justified by the evidence.

In his book on 4Q MMT (Oxford), Qimron has shown compellingly that the Dead 
Sea Scroll sect was integrally related to the other sects of Judaism.

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