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Re: Sadducees

You wrote: 
>>     Dear Lechem:
>>         Does this exclude the hymn to King Jonathon? Would not this 
>> document push the destruction later than the conflict between the 
>> Alexandrian successors?
>>         Daniel McM
>Sorry sir I am not familiar with this hymn. Please elaborate. 
    Dear Lechem:
        Sorry for the delay in responding. (it has been a busy week for 
all). The 'Hymn to King Jonathon' is 4Q448. My translation is from 'The 
Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered' Eisenman and Wise, 1992, Penguin Books. If 
I am not mistaken, it wasw also among the travelling exihibit of the 
scrolls here in America. If this is the case, (and I just checked, it 
is) you may veiw a copy at the Library of Congress website. That 
translation is from Eshel, Eshel, and Yardeni - Israel Exploration 
Journal (1991) 60:295-327 
        Daniel McM