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Re: Arabic at Qumran?

On April 8, Jim West wrote:

> Qumran's caves contained Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic texts- as everyone knows.
>  But I am wondering if there were Arabic texts there as well.  From
> photographs it would appear so- but as I do not know Arabic I am unsure if
> these are in fact Arabic texts or some kind of proto-hebrew that I have never
> seen before.
> The texts in question are: 
> PAM 42.087
> PAM 42.089

The texts in question are indeed in Arabic, as are those in PAM 
42.088 and 42.090, but they are from Wadi Murabba(at, not Qumran.  I 
don't have DJD II at hand as I write this, but they are certainly 
also of an altogether different date than the scrolls in the Qumran 

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