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Re: Jesus Family Tombs?? (fwd)

>Further to the question of the chances of a random co-occurrence of these
>names: I'm not aware of any other "Yeshua bar Yehosef"'s among the Aramaic
>ossuaries, but there  are at least 2 separate "Yehuda bar Yehohanan"'s  among
>the small (30-40) corpus of Aramaic ossuaries. I imagine that the more famous
>name would not be any less common.

The recently published corpus of ossuaries:

         Author..... Rahmani, L. Y.
         Title...... A Catalogue of Jewish Ossuaries in the Collections
                     of the State of Israel
         Place...... Jerusalem
         Publisher.. The Israel Antiquities Authority, The Israel Academy
                     of Sciences and Humanities
         Date....... 1994
         Collation.. 1 volume (xii + 307 pages + 135 plates)
         ISBN....... 965-406-016-7

lists 2 such inscription: no. 9 (persumably the one in question in the
'news') and no. 704

-Chuck Jones-
Oriental Insitute - Chicago