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Re: "Love" in the DSS

>My original intention, if I may, in posing the question about the use of
"ahav" in the DSS, was to elicit discussion of the scrolls and the theology
contained within them (more than a desire to discuss the theology of Judaism;
important as this clearly is). <

Thank you, Jim, for bringing us back to the point.

But I'm not sure what you mean by "the" theology of Judaism; there were many
Jewish sects in the time period of DSS, so no single theology.

Also (a related point) you seem to draw a distinctino between what you call the
"theology of Judaism" and "theology contained within [the DSS]."  Since the
DSS are obviously the product of one or more of the aforesaid Jewish
sects (and hence include one or more theologies of Judaism), could you perhaps
be more precise about what you had in mind in drawing that distinction?

Judith Romney Wegner, Connecticut College

PS.  I am aware that many scholars don't like to use the word "sect" for these
different branches or tendencies within Judaism.  If someone can come up with
a better word, please tell us!