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Re: "Love" in the DSS

> Friends,
> My original intention, if I may, in posing the question about the use of
> "ahav" in the DSS, was to elicit discussion of the scrolls and the
theology > contained within them (more than a desire to discuss the theology 
of Judaism; > important as this clearly is).

> I am sorry if my query has led the discussion from its central focus.
> Jim

     In order to analyse the theology of the DSS, we should also look at
Jewish culture in total and then see into the particulars of the DSS. You
did seem to reflect a possible ignorance to this. It does appear that the
DSS took the love of God to an extreme, but yet you seem to have missed it
somewhere.  Jewish theology does have certain uniformities within it as well 
as variations. The Theology of the DSS was seemingly Apocralyptic,
messianic, and ritualistic. This was an expression of their love of God. But 
other groups are like this, and not just Jews. How are they different and
how are they the same? This is where we'll get answeres. These people in the 
DSS certainly loved their creator and expressed it in many ways. One way was 
in treatment of their fellow man. Their conduct and dealings with others
would reflect their relationship to the creator. This includes the mitzvote, 
the Battle between the Children of Righteousness and the Sons of Darkness,
as well as their Constitutional ways of life.  

      In the Qumran sect(S) constitution (CD) is the incorporation of
Gentiles or proselytes. Were these Bene Noah or were they converts? But is
does reflect an openess. An openess that is require through Hesed.