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Re: Rechabites


In a message dated 96-04-05 07:23:25 EST, you write:

>See Z. Safrai,'The Sons of Yehonadav ben Rekhav and the Essenes,' 
>Bar-Ilan 16-17 (1979), 37-58. Safrai claims that the Rabbinic traditions 
>about the family of Yehonadav ben Rekhav refer to the Essenes.

I appreciate very much your bibliographic assistance.  Unfortunately, living
here in the woods of East Tennessee there are NO libraries around that carry
any substantive material (in the field of the DSS or other Biblical topics).
 Could somone possibly copy the suggested article and send it to me snail
I would be grateful!


Jim West, ThD
Professor of Biblical Languages, CCBI
PO Box 310
Petros TN 37845