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Re: Let's crunch some numbers, was RE: Jesus Family Tombs?

>A slight mistake - the previous formula should read:
>        = 1/(10,000*1/1000) = 1/10
>Explanation : since it statistically predictable, given the
>assumptions, that there were 10 families with the particular set of names
>Joseph/Mary/Joshua, the chance that a random family found with those
>names is That One equals to 1/10.

What is the evidence for your statistics?  I thought that something more
like 1 in 4 women were named Mary.  If so, the chances are 1 in 40 of
hitting a particular family.  But there are other assumptions involved too.
For example:  Jesus' family was supposed to be from Nazareth, so what are
the odds that his parents (esp. Joseph, who is not mentioned as present in
Jesus' adulthood) would be buried in Jerusalem?  I'm afraid statistics
aren't really of much help here.

Anyhow, not much connection to the DSS.

Holiday blessings to all,

Jim Davila
University of St. Andrews, Scotland