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Subject: Re: "Love" in the DSS
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> I am working on a project (as indicated by the subject line) and have
> searched the concordance to find uses of the word "ahav" (love) in the
> scrolls.  What I have found so far is interesting; and your help to further
> the investigation is requested.
> First, what I have found is that there are many references to God's love for
> Israel in the Scrolls (1QS 3.26,  4Q385 (2) 1.2,  4Q176 (1) 1.10,  1QS 10.26,
>  4Q504 (1) 4.4)
> and I have found references to a) knowledge being loved by God (CD 2.3); b)
> and the other community members being loved by their brethren (CD 8.17,  1QS
> 9:16).
> But,
> I have been unable to find ANY reference to the community member's love FOR
> God.
> This fact seems extraordinary in light of the notion that the Covenanters
> were especially devoted to God.
> So,  
> can you suggest other words which may have been used (other than "ahav")?
> Thank you,
> Jim West


Try <.h>esed and see what you get.  You may be reading assumptions about 
vocabulary and meaning back from Christian usage.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College