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RE: Jesus Family Tombs?? (fwd)

>From J. Tabor's message: 

>   Deep in the warehouse of the Israel Antiquities Authority, on a dusty
> crowded shelf, is a box that is empty  except for a great question that it
> holds.
>  The limestone box, catalogue No. 80.503, once contained human bones and 
> is engraved in barely legible Hebrew: ''Jesus, son of Joseph.'' Officials
> allowed reporters to see it Tuesday, after researchers for the BBC stumbled 
> on the ossuaries last month and speculated they may have been the caskets of 
> Jesus Christ and his family....
> Biblical scholar Father Jerome Murphy O'Connor of Jerusalem's Ecole
> Biblique said ... if such proof could be made, ''the consequences for the
> faith would be disastrous.''
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I have seen an article on the subject in Yediot of 1 of April :) It has
several differences, though it is the re-telling of the Sunday Times story
by the Yediot London reporter Modi Kreitman. The article, a short passage on
the back cover, says that the graves were Christian (no details), and that
the following names were on the various caskets:
Joseph, Mary, Jesus son of Joseph, another Mary (the author conjectures 
"perhaps the Magdalene"), Mathew, and Judah son of Jesus.

The inscription on one of the Maries' graves is in Greek,rather than Hebrew.

I might try to see the items in question, if the Antiquities authority 
lets me, and if time allows, but I am afraid that after the present to-do 
it might not be possible.

I wonder just how did the Times reporter stumble on the story? Did somebody
just have the bright idea to check whether the Antiquities Authority has a
casket with "Jesus son of Joseph" on it? And presumably in it?

Best, Asia