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Re: London Times Tomb Story

Kevin D. Johnson:
I cannot believe that such a ridiculous story has made it in such a
scholarly list.....I regularly lurk on this list, but I have just got to say
that this whole topic is utterly stupid.

It reminds me about the old story of the Pope and Rudolf Bultmann. 
The Pope's archaeologists found the Grave, phoned the Pope to tell 
him. He was very pleased until they revealed that they had a problem: 
The bones were still there. So, in despair the Pope phoned the most 
famous theologian of his time - although a protestant - Bultmann to 
ask for advice. Bultmann, rather surprised to have this phonecall 
from the Vatican immediately exclaimed when being informed about the 
findings: So he really lived!

Otherwise - it is correct that it is ridiculous and not properly to 
be expanded on this list.


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