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Re: London Times Tomb Story

I cannot believe that such a ridiculous story has made it in such a
scholarly list.....I regularly lurk on this list, but I have just got to say
that this whole topic is utterly stupid.

At 06:36 PM 4/3/96 -0500, Jdtabor@aol.com wrote:
>I hope everyone is busy with Passover and Holy Week and does not mind being
>bombarded with these news reports on the Jerusalem "tomb" with the first
>century common names: I finally ran down the original story in the London
>Sunday Times--it has a lot more information than all the clips I previously
>sent out which I downloaded from Nexis--and which contain contradictions and
>apparent errors.  If I need a Qumran connection here for the Orion
>list...let's see, what about raising the following question: Given the text
>James Strange recently found at the settlement, with both name of author and
>date, what other personal NAMES of community members can we document in the
>Scrolls now that all have been released?  Has anyone made or published such a
>list yet?  
>James Tabor