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Re: question

>I have heard the arguments about whether
>Qumran was a fort or not, whether the caves are related or
>not, whether they boated on the Dead Sea or not, what the
>water level was, etc. and, frankly, at this point I just
>wipe the messages out.

Thank you for your comment. Although I am an amateur and relative neophyte
in the world of the scholarly analysis and discussion of the DDS, I have an
abiding interest in the history, culture, and archeology of the ancient
Near East in general and the DDS in particular. I subscribed to this net,
hoping to hear the "cutting edge" debate on all matters relating to the
DDS, and for the most part have not been disappointed. However, when I read
your comment above, I realized that I, too, had begun to erase entries on
these subjects because I felt the subject had already been amply defined,
attacked, or defended, and that a list of references was sufficient for
those who wanted to pursue the subject further.

By the way, I appreciate the bibliographies that net participants are
providing with their comments - you have directed me to a mountain of

Kevin Reece

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