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RE: Jesus Family Tombs??

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I [am] sure many of you have seen the AP and Reuters stories that circulated
today.... It is also interesting to see all the clerics rushing to assure 
everyone that this could not be that family....  Any comments in the 

James Tabor

Copyright 1996 Associated Press   
                                   AP Online

                  April 02, 1996; Tuesday  21:30 Eastern Time

SECTION: International news

LENGTH: 667 words

HEADLINE: 'Jesus' Casket Found In Israel AP-Jesus-Tomb


    Deep in the warehouse of the Israel Antiquities Authority, on a dusty
crowded shelf, is a box that is empty  except for a great question that it

   The limestone box, catalogue No. 80.503, once contained human bones and 
is engraved in barely legible Hebrew: ''Jesus, son of Joseph.'' Officials
allowed reporters to see it Tuesday, after researchers for the BBC stumbled 
on the ossuaries last month and speculated they may have been the caskets of 
Jesus Christ and his family....

Biblical scholar Father Jerome Murphy O'Connor of Jerusalem's Ecole
Biblique said ... if such proof could be made, ''the consequences for the
faith would be disastrous.''
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Shalom again Jim,

It may be "disastrous" for Christianity, but truth poses no threat to the 
N'tzarim.  Bring on the facts and let's see what the truth is.

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