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Re: Walls not a fortress make

>The Romans
may have destroyed manuscripts, along with buildings, just because they
belonged to Jews<

One needs to be careful not to overemphasize this presumed 
implacable Roman
hatred of Jews -- it's a rabbinic myth!  Most of the time it's more likely
that they didn't give a damn one way or the other -- the Jews were not that
important to the Romans, except on the two or three occasions that they
revolted against the Empire (in 66, 117, and 132).  

I  agree, but - as I wrote in times of war such things may happen 
(why do in Europe find  all those hidden treasures? - because they 
have been stored away in time of war and never retraced, probably 
because somethung nasty happened to the original owners. We had a 
Television series called Matador some years ago. When invaded in 1940 
by the Germans, the old lady of the serioes was found in her backyard 
hiding her family silver in a dig-out: Why, because so they had done 
in her family for centuries when the German came).


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