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Dear Jim:
The Princeton Seminary Graphic Concordance to the DSS will be of no 
help in your case. Check Reed's Catalogue of the DSS, which linked 
PAM numbers to MSS titles and you will find the answers to your 
Pam 40.573 is a photograph of 8Hev1 or 8HevXIIgr, the Greek Minos 
Prophets Scroll found at Nahalo Hever, studied by Barthelemy in 1963 
and fully publoished by Tov in 1990 (DJD Series VIII). The fragment 
in question (with PARABOLE) is part of Column 17, and comes from Hab 
2:6. The whole line is transcribed on p. 52 and Plate XI of Tov's 

Prof. Dr. F. Garcia Martinez
Qumran Instituut - RUG
The Netherlands