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Neil Altman

I'm trying to knock down the arguments of Neil Altman, who has claimed in an
article syndicated by the NY Times that the scrolls are Christian in origin.
Most of his arguments are easy to refute, but for a couple I need additional

He claims that the use of red ink on some of the scrolls is otherwise
unattested before the 6th c CE.  The scrolls themselves refute his claim, of
course, but I want to know what evidence there is about use of red ink in
ancient Hebrew writing.

He also claims that a piece of linen from Cave 2 was recently dated by
carbon 14 to the 13th or 14th c.  I missed the bit of "news" completely.
Who can set me straight?


Ralph W. Klein, Dean
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
rwklein@mcs.com; O 312-256-0721; H 312-238-1856