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Re: Port or Dock.

On Sun, 31 Mar 1996, David Jay Kaufman wrote:

> 	Speaking of the water. Does anyone know if there is evidence that 
> the Dead Sea was used as a kind of spa in ancient times? Are there 
> stories of the water's medicinal properties?

In Antiquities XVII.171-72 and Jewish War I.657, Josephus reports that 
Herod the Great, at the end of his life, was taken to warm springs at 
Callirrhoe on the shore of "Lake Asphaltophoros" across the Jordan for 
medical treatment.  However, the waters involved in the treatment 
are said to descend into the lake and include among their virtues the fact 
that they are sweet enough to drink, so they are obviously not from the 
lake itself.  The Loeb edition includes a note that the baths there are 
mentioned in Pliny, Ptolemaeus, are shown on the Madaba Mosaic, and are 
mentioned in Genesis Rabbah 37.6.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College