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Re: Walls not a fortress make

On Sun, 31 Mar 1996, Daniel McMenamin wrote:

> Dear David:
>         An interesting thought. I do not know that any one has 
> suggested this before. A few things come to mind:
>         1) Occamm's Razor - it is simpler to imagine the Romans doing 
> the deed than co-religionists. We  know that the Romans occupied Qumran 
> circa 60-70 CE.
>         2) Are there any other examples of 1st Century 'book-burnings'
>         3) Given the eclectic nature of the dss. which group do you 
> nominate as the destructors?
>             Daniel McM
Is there evidence that the Romans destroyed texts at other sites? I do 
not know what group might not have liked the Qumran group. I simply do 
not understand why the Romans cared about texts.