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Re: Qumran location as a military installation (fwd)

>>Is it any less supportable than the religious establishment thesis? Were
>there any signs of implements for writing in the "scriptorum"?
 to which someone replied:
>Actually there were ink wells in the scriptORUM.<

At least two if not more discussants keep telling us about something they call
a "scriptORUM."  Shouldn't this be *scriptorium*?   "ScriptORUM" (which is
genitive plural in form) looks like the second word of a two-word phrase,
as, for instance, "cursus honorum."  So what's the missing first word?  Or was
this just a "lapsus calamorum" (since more than one electronic pen is obviously
involved here)?  If, as I suspect, we are speaking of a scriptORIUM, let's
get it right.
Policeperson in Providence