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Esther and Qumran (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 17:56:16 EST
From: brent justin anduaga-arias <barias@unm.edu>
To: Multiple recipients of list <ioudaios-l@lehigh.edu>
Subject: Esther and Qumran

  Something I surveyed on this board leads me to ask about the book of 
Esther.  Most any book which discusses the DSS will state that the 
Qumran community did not practice Purim and they had not a scroll of 
Esther (or at least none was recovered).  Those two "facts" have lead 
many to beleive that there was little or no affection for the book 
amongst the community.  Nevertheless, I have heard one person tell me 
about a scroll discovered which corresponds to "proto-Esther."  Could 
someone comment on this?

Brent Arias
University of New Mexico

p.s.  Thanks for the gemmatria stuff    :)