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Re: Qumran question (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 08:50:10 EST
From: James R. Davila <jrd4@st-andrews.ac.uk>
To: Multiple recipients of list <ioudaios-l@lehigh.edu>
Subject: Re: Qumran question

>schiffman has overstated the case. ine sparrow doesnt make a spring--
>wacholder saw the same things long ago and even as early as 1911 the
>claim was made. one sparrow does notr make a spring. but one snow
>flake says its not dry. references to resurrection preclude such
>identification and schiffman has had to explain thse arent regular
>saducessd but cousins!
>herb basser

I agree with you about Schiffman's case.  But what references to
resurrection do you find in 4QMMT, the Temple Scroll, or the Damascus

Jim Davila