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Re: Finding Biblical texts in non-biblical DSS texts.

>     Can anyone tell me if there is any kind of "Scripture Index" for the
>DSS?  As an example, if I want to find all the references made at Qumran
>to, say, Dt 23, is there any way to do this short of reading through all the
>texts myself and hopefully7 seeing the reference when it is made, if it is
>Ken Litwak
>Bezerkley, CA

        Ken, I published in Dead Sea Discoveries (Brill journal) a
book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse index of all the biblical
scrolls, published and yet-to-be published, designed for those writing
commentaries, dissertations, or special projects with questions like yours:

"An Index of the Passages in the Biblical Manuscripts From the Judean
Desert (Genesis-Kings)," Dead Sea Discoveries 1/1 (1994) 113-129, and

"An Index of the Passages in the Biblical Manuscripts from the Judean
Desert (Part 2: Isaiah-Chronicles)," Dead Sea Discoveries 2/1 (1995)

The DJD biblical volumes also include an index for the manuscripts
published in each particular volume:
        DJD 9 (1992) -- Palaeo-Hebrew and Greek (Pentateuch and Job)
        DJD 12(1994) -- Genesis-Numbers (square script)
        DJD 14(1995) -- Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Kings

Uwe Glessmer (in Hamburg) also published an index, "Liste der biblischen
Texte aus Qumran," pp.1-30 (I don't remember the journal--he gave me a
photocopy, but I forgot to write down the journal name--I'm sure someone on
this list will know it). We were compiling our indexes simultaneously but
neither knowing about the other. Uwe's is more comprehensive than mine in
some ways--correctly (for Qumran and the first century) including  Enoch,
Jubilees, Tobit, Sirach, etc. He also includes Targums (4QtgLev, 11QtgJob),
Phylacteries, etc., which I didn't.

On the other hand, while his includes only Qumran mss, mine includes
Murabba'at, Masada, Nahal Hever, Seiyal etc., insofar as their editors
could give info that is reasonably settled. Also for 4Q mss, sometimes mine
will be slightly more up-to-date, since I'm making minor new
identifications daily up till the day each volume is sent to press.

Hope this helps.

Gene Ulrich (Notre Dame)