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Carbon 14

Since the subject of carbon 14 dating came up, let me mention the C14 Web page
which gives a lot of information in a consize form :


In a nutshell, these are the points that relate to our subject, 
the new-found texts of Qumran:

* Pottery _is_ mentioned in the article as one of the materials dateable
by C14 - probably, as somebody mentioned, by biological inclusions, since 
C14 can be directly applied only to bio-material.

* There are two recent improvements to the traditional C-14 method, whose
precision is estimated at 5%-10% of the artifact age:
	1) Accelerator Mass Spectrometry method [AMS] which requires only some
		milligrams worth of matter. This is the method that was used
		in case of the Turin Shroud.

	2) High-precision dating - claimed to be as accurate as +-16 years.

The technology necessary for these two methods is available only in some
laboratories - a great number of smaller places use the simpler, and less
precise, older method. I do not know what is available in Israel - perhaps
somebody else could through light on the situation?

Best, Asia