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Re: Doudna C14

Greg is alive and healthy here in Copenhagen. In fact, he is giving a 
paper today on Carbon 14 dating in our senior seminar. I will relay 
this message. 
> On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Richard L. Goerwitz III wrote:
> > My question regarding C14 dating - which has been pointed out as an
> > absurdity for this ostracon - was whether the method has been refined
> > substantially in very recent years.
> Richard,
> One of the people who could answer your question is Greg Doudna, who, I 
> believe, did a fairly impressive job with his paper at the SBL meeting 
> after asking us all those questions last fall.  His paper (on carbon 
> dating the the DDS) was well attended, and those who heard it seemed to take 
> him seriously.  I believe that he is in transit to Europe, at the moment, 
> to study with the Danes, unless someone knows that he has arrived and is 
> reconnected to the Internet.
> David Suter