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Re: Fwd: Qumran Texts Found!! (fwd)

Amidst all the calls for carbon-14 dating, I note that the postings so 
far specify ostraca, potsherds, and am wondering if it is possible to do 
carbon-14 dating on such items.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Richard L. Goerwitz III wrote:

> > I think everyone should hold their horses until appropriate testing and
> > scanning has been done.
> Just how narrowly can texts be dated via carbon isotope analysis, using
> the very latest methods?  I'm not an archeologist, and don't deal with
> artifacts per se.  I'd like a frank, current assessment of the technol-
> ogy, if someone would be willing to offer it.
> BTW:
> If you get that rapid a date on a Qumran text found in a specific archeo-
> logical context, the dating is probably based partly on that - i.e., its
> archeological context.
> You may also find that it is being dated, based on the typology of its
> script forms.
> And yes, it may also have something to do with who a given analyst thinks
> wrote the text, and why.
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