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Re: Fwd: Qumran Texts Found!! (fwd)

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> I think everyone should hold their horses until appropriate testing and
> scanning has been done.

Just how narrowly can texts be dated via carbon isotope analysis, using
the very latest methods?  I'm not an archeologist, and don't deal with
artifacts per se.  I'd like a frank, current assessment of the technol-
ogy, if someone would be willing to offer it.


If you get that rapid a date on a Qumran text found in a specific archeo-
logical context, the dating is probably based partly on that - i.e., its
archeological context.

You may also find that it is being dated, based on the typology of its
script forms.

And yes, it may also have something to do with who a given analyst thinks
wrote the text, and why.


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